Alarmed Culvert Denial Systems Proven Performance in Intakes, Discharges, Gate Houses and Manholes

Alarmed Culvert Denial System features fiber optic nerve fibers to detect cutting and significant bending of the pipes, but with very low false alarms

Culvert Denial System features fiber optic intrusion detection technology proven from years of service in difficult enviroments.

The LightLOC SmartGrate is a customized alarmed culvert denial system designed to protect vulnerable positions within a designated secured zone. SmartGrates are individualized to the needs of each customer and are engineered to suit various configurations including intakes, discharges, waterways, and gate houses in locations such as nuclear power plants and military bases. SmartGrates are built to withstand the effects of the environment and do not interfere with the functionality of the protected system. For example, SmartGrates protecting channels allow the flow of water without interruption and SmartGrates built for seawalls are made of stainless steel that is corrosion and barnacle resistant.

SmartGrates provide protective solutions to a wide-range of applications from large-scale window shields and canals to small-scale pipe coverings. Additionally, SmartGrates have been installed in an assortment of configurations including simple, cost-effective grates to those shaped for sophisticated cylindrical systems, flat valves requiring one-way flow of water, and semi-circular grates designed to open and allow access for maintenance. Our engineers customize each grate for specific and singular locations and all LightLOC SmartGrates utilize proven and tested fiber-optic technology to provide exceptional protection.

The various images seen on our website illustrate the many different solutions designed by our expert engineers to meet the unique security needs of each customer.

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