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Express-2 Monitoring
LightLOC Express-2 is a cost-effective fiber-optic intrusion detection device in the LightLOC family of products. It is a zoned-based, modular version of the LightLOC Network System and is capable of monitoring any of the LightLOC sensing devices over miles of fiber including manholes, grates, gates, detection cable and denial cable. It is ideal for discrete points, small systems, and zones.

Express-2 operates by monitoring the power level of optical energy being transmitted and received through a zone. It is an adaptable device which learns the secure state of its zone and immediately detects an event exceeding the unit’s threshold. Additionally, Express can differentiate between a sensor breach and a fiber break and is rated for indoor or outdoor use.

As outputs from the device, relays are provided on a front terminal block in addition to indicator LEDs at the front of the module. Four (4) normally open and normally closed contacts provide communication between Express and an existing site security system. Relays include one each for a Momentary Breach Alarm, Momentary Break Alarm, Latched Breach Alarm, and Latched Break Alarm.

In addition to relays, a front terminal block also provides access for remote module control. This includes the abilities to test the module remotely, set the secure state of the system, and acknowledge an alarm. Local control switches are available on the front of the module.


  • Cost-Effective Fiber Optic Intrusion Detection System
  • Extremely Low False Alarm Rates
  • Cyber-proof – analog based processor
  • Long-Range Monitoring to 25km Standard
  • Low Power: 12-24 VDC
  • Indoor or Outdoor Rated
  • -35C to 65C Operating Temperature Range Available
  • 1550nm and 1310nm Laser Available: -5dBm Typical, 0dBm Maximum Output Per Port
  • FC or ST connections are available
  • Operation with LightLOC Fiber
  • Instant Alarm Detection
  • Connects to Standard Alarm Panels
  • Differentiates Between a Breach and Break Alarm
  • Momentary and Latched Relay Outputs for Breach and Break Alarms
  • Self-Test Diagnostics
  • Remote Acknowledgeable Capabilities
  • Optimized for Use With the LightLOC Fiber Sensors
  • Panel Mount Installation

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