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Original SmartSwitch

  • Fiber optic based and requires no electrical power
  • Long Range (25 kilometers)
  • Non-contact sensing
  • Has no external moving parts which can fail due to corrosion and mud buildup
  • Sensor trips in 0.7 seconds and provides an alarm to monitoring station within 6 seconds
  • Ruggedized outer coating prevents corrosion
  • Fully integrated
  • Adjustable bracketing for preferred mounting in essentially any configuration
  • Built-in internal delay for added protection against tampering
  • In service throughout the U.S. and U.K.

New Universal SmartSwitch

(Available Jan 2018)

  • Non-Electrical, Contact Sensor
  • Corrosion Resistant Materials For Harsh Environments
  • Submersible To 30 Feet
  • Simple Installation & Maintenance
  • Robust, Reliable, Economical


Most facilities transfer valuable information through fiber optic and copper transmission lines either underground or overhead. While this data may be protected inside these facilities, it is quite vulnerable while in its transfer to them. LightLOC SmartSWITCH is perfect for monitoring access points which are often in remote areas. These include:

  • Manhole vaults
  • Hand Hole enclosures
  • Hoffman type boxes
  • Rooftop conduit enclosures
  • Gate position indicators


LightLOC has installation partners located throughout the U.S. We also have an installation partner in the U.K. with coverage in the European Union and Middle East. Instructions and training can be provided if you prefer an in-house installation. This is a fiber optic based system that would typically be installed by infrastructure utility groups who are fiber savvy.

Data Sheet:

SmartSWITCH Spec Sheet

Competitive Comparison:

SmartSWITCH Compare

Fiber optic sensor for monitoring manholes, handholes, cabinet doors, junction boxes, and a host of other applications.

  • 25km range with no power required on the perimeter
  • Immune to EMI and RFI transmissions and lightening
  • Rugged and Sealed for use in wet and harsh environments

SmartSWITCH Compare

Standard limit switch functioning on copper wire.

  • Limited range due to the resistance in the copper wire used to connect the switch to a monitoring point (usually less than 1,500 feet)
  • Susceptible to electrical disturbances in the environment (lightening etc)
  • Subject to corrosion due to fertilizer and salt (for melting snow)
  • Switch may be easily defeated by cutting the wire or splicing around it