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  • Cyber-Proof Processor: Analog only (no software)
  • Extremely low NAR/FAR
  • Only detects breaks in the optical tether
  • Unaffected by vibration or movement
  • Fiber-Optic Leash to Secure Mobile Assets in a Room
  • Complete Monitoring System Including Coated Stainless-Steel Armored Flex Cable, Detachable Tether Loop, Clamp Block, and Control Enclosure Containing the Express Lite Fiber Optic Processor
    • Tether Loop Connects to Secured Unit
    • Clamp Block Allows for Attachment
    • Armored Flex Joins Loop to Enclosure
    • LightLOC Express Lite Processor Monitors Cable
  • Tether Length Restricts Movement Area
  • Custom Tether and Loop Lengths Available
  • Tamper Switch on Enclosure Door
  • Also Available With a Quick Disconnect Tether Designed For Securing Multiple Assets


Express-Lite Processor (Break Only) IDS:

  • Securely attaches to most devices without alterations
  • Does not interfere with the use of the equipment
  • Most installations can be completed within only a few hours
  • Optional tether lengths
  • Optional dual and triple tether configurations available

Express-Lite Specifications:

  • 10-28V DC Power
  • Low Power < 2.5W
  • LED Indicators for Power and Alarm State
  • Single NO/NC Relay Output for Alarm (Not Latched)
  • Operates With 50 or 62.5 Micron Multi-Mode Fiber
  • Monitors up to 1km of Fiber Distance
  • Terminated With ST Adapters

Powering the System:

The LightLOC Tether System has 3 options when it comes to providing electrical power for the fiber optic processor as follows:

  1. The unit can be plugged into a standard 110 VAC outlet. If this option is selected, please specify the desired length of cable needed to reach the nearest available outlet to the location where the processor enclosure will be mounted.
  2. 110 VAC can be hard-wired to the enclosure
  3. 12-24 VDC can be hard-wired to the enclosure

If option or 1 or 2 is preferred, a class 2, UL-listed internal power supply/transformer will be provided with the unit to convert the 110 VAC power to 12-24 VDC. If option 3 is preferred, the power supply will not be included in the enclosure.