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The patented LightLOC Security Vault is designed to provide secure storage of sensitive assets. The vault can protect a stationary asset that remains within the vault or a mobile asset that is placed in and out of the vault.

The LightLOC security vault provides immediate detection and alarm signal transmission if the fiber panel skin is penetrated or removed or if the door is forced open in an unauthorized manner. The LightLOC processor within the vault converts any disruption of the integrated fiber circuit that guards the protected items into the operation of a set of dry contacts that can be configured as either normally open or normally closed.

The vault can be powered by either 120 VAC or 12-24 VDC as selected by the site. Typically, the power line enters the vault through a provided access conduit, and the alarm signal wires leave the vault through a separate access conduit. As an option, the junction box for both power and signal (not included with the vault) can be mounted on the wall at the rear of the enclosure such that the vault protects the junction box location as well.

Cesium-131, Security, Blood Irradiators, HDR, Radiological Materials Security, Nuclear Material Security, Radiological dispersal devices (RDDs), CBRN Weapon, Dirty Bomb, Uranium, Radioactive, Security Enclosure, Securing Radioactive Sources, Non-Proliferation


  • Express Optical IDS processor
  • Cyber-Proof, Analog based processor.
  • Vibration insentive, Low NAR/FAR
  • All of the sides and top are embedded with optical nerve fibers laminated between acrylic panels.
  • Steel bars or expanded metal mesh behind the optical panels to provide additional delay.
  • The front door is custom configured for optimal usage of the irradiator without ever having to open the door.
  • For maintenance and service, the door can be opened via the three factor access control devices.
  • Optional cameras, sensors, etc. can be installed within vault.

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