U.S. Officials: Dirty Bomb Risk in Mideast, Africa Unprecedented

U.S. Officials: Dirty Bomb Risk in Mideast, Africa Unprecedented

June 14, 2013

Source: Global Security Newswire – http://www.nti.org/gsn/article/us-officials-dirty-bomb-risk-mideast-africa-unprecedented/

Obama administration officials are underscoring the possibility that nations in Africa and the Middle East could become sources of sensitive components or materials for weapons of mass destruction, with at least one government expert saying proliferation risks there appear more challenging than faced after the collapse of the Soviet Union, EUobserver.com reported from Belgium.

“In North Africa and the Middle East, you have terrorist organizations, unstable governments, in some cases actual civil conflict and lack of control over sovereign territory,” Simon Limage, the deputy assistant secretary of State for nonproliferation programs, told the online publication. “In the former Soviet Union we still have remaining challenges, but we are dealing with relatively stable governments with which we have a history of engagement.”

Anne Harrington — an Energy Department nonproliferation official visiting Brussels this week alongside Limage to discuss WMD issues with European Union counterparts — said concerns about the potential leak of materials for a so-called “dirty bomb” also extend beyond those two regions, the website reported.

“All of these issues you could also apply to Pakistan,” she said. “The risk of using these things

[nuclear, chemical and biological materials] in a dirty bomb or a radiological dispersal device is of great concern to us.”


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